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As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you high quality Cage Nut. We have mature technology, advanced equipment, high-quality personnel team, the company pays special attention to investment in product quality and management.

A cage nut is a type of fastener that is designed to be inserted into a square or round hole in a panel, chassis, or rack, and it provides a threaded receptacle for securing screws or bolts. Cage nuts are often used in applications where components need to be mounted or attached securely to a surface or frame.

Cage nuts are favored for their ability to provide a secure and adjustable mounting solution. The choice of cage nut size, material, and thread type depends on the specific requirements of the application and the type of screws or bolts that will be used in conjunction with the cage nut.

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Stainless Steel Cage Nut M4 M6

Stainless Steel Cage Nut M4 M6

High quality Stainless Steel Cage Nut M4 M6 is offered by China manufacturer Gangtong Zheli. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future! These cage nuts are made from stainless steel, providing corrosion resistance and durability. Stainless steel construction ensures suitability for use in various environments, including those prone to moisture or corrosion.
Surface: polished
Material: stainless steel
MOQ: ≥1000PCS

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Gangtong Zheli Fasteners is a professional China Cage Nut manufacturers and suppliers which provide customized service of Cage Nut. We have own factory, can provide you with a satisfactory price.. Welcome to buy high quality products from us. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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